About Chi-X® Asia Pacific

Chi-X Asia-Pacific is driven to be an industry leader in operating trading venues and generating innovative products and services for the benefit of financial markets and the global trading community. The company believes that competition from technology-driven markets increases overall market volumes and improves investor performance, providing benefits to all participants.

Chi-X Asia-Pacific operates market centers in Australia and Japan. Its Chi-TechTM technology services unit provides technology to its business.


  • Launched in 2011
  • Only real competitor to ASX
  • Currently ~18% market share
  • Offers full suite of exchange products and services for stocks, warrants and ETF
    • Trading
    • Reporting
    • Risk Management
    • Market Data
    • Connectivity
  • Dedicated market operations team, strong sales and product development teams with deep industry relationships
  • Received 2015 The Asian Banker award “Best Alternative Trading System in Asia”

  • Launched in 2010
  • One of two PTSs viewed as viable alternatives to TSE
  • Currently ~1.5% market share
  • Operates 3 trading books including both lit and dark
  • Operates a continuous market along with VWAP cross market
  • Dedicated market operations team, strong local sales and product development teams with deep understanding of domestic broker community

  • Five core teams based in Hong Kong; Core Development, R&D, Quality Assurance, Project Management, Support/Service Desk
  • Builds and supports Chi-X Global proprietary technology solutions as well as custom exchange solutions to key third parties including CFETS

Introduction To Chi-X Asia Pacific, October 2018

The Chi-X® Name

The name Chi-X is derived from the Greek letter Chi, written X, symbolizing the crossing of the two sides of a trade. Along with the “X” from the English alphabet, the name signifies a combination of the old world and modern world, or traditional securities trading techniques married with cutting-edge technology.