Chi-X Global Technology

Chi-X Global Technology (“Chi-Tech”) is the technology services unit of Chi-X Asia-Pacific. The Chi-Tech team provides the trading technology platform and support services that keep the Chi-X market centers at the forefront of the industry in performance and reliability. Chi-Tech also provides technologies and support for Chi-X Asia-Pacific strategic business alliances.

Our Market Technology


Chi-X utilizes well-established, low latency and proprietary protocols to interface with exchanges, EMS systems, customer proprietary systems and regulators

  • Trading: Well-known connectivity protocols minimize technical workload and enable cost-effective client migration
  • Routing:
    • SOR: Provides instant connections to multiple trading venues and customizable order routing strategies
    • FX Market Product: Developed in partnership with and paid for by BM&FBOVESPA to facilitate offshore investing by integrating streaming FX quotes with real time equity orders
  • Risk Controls (Chi-Control): Offers pre-trade risk checks, including credit limits, as well as market monitoring and surveillance tools
  • Market Data: Built low-latency feed handlers to support its trading operations and routing services

Chi-Tech Organization

Core Development
  • Enhance proprietary software and infrastructure

  • BDevelop key market level innovations

  • Research & Development
  • Focused on system performance, resilience and reduction in total cost of ownership

  • Quality Assurance
  • Maintain highest levels of system performance and reliability

  • Highly automated processes

  • Technical Project Management
  • Deliver local solutions to conform with regulatory and customer demands

  • Cost-effective delivery

  • Support & Service Desk
  • Local and regional operational support

  • Implementation and development

  • Monitoring all market centre systems 24/7

  • Highlights

  • End-to-end exchange solutions provider (matching engine, latency portal, smart order routing, risk checks and market data)

  • Best-in-class trading platform with highly skilled team

  • Operational Performance
  • Low-latency, high throughput system

  • Ability to support multiple markets and activity levels

  • Best-in-class system performance and resiliency

  • Industry-leading system availability

  • Cost-efficient and deep monitoring capacity

  • Deployment and Scalability
  • Ability to deploy, operate and maintain in-house technology faster and cheaper than competitors

  • Software development methodology allows for capacity to grow and expand into new markets rapidly

  • Centralised support model provides operating leverage

  • Third Party Capabilities
  • Key third party relationship to develop gateway and entry point into China

  • Potential for additional partnerships in future